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“This Powerful Woman really lit up the room at the Female Wave of Change Global Conference. Her

energy and highly infectious confidence got all of our attention and drew us out of our seats and

complacency. Thank you so much Regina, it was an honor being in your presence.”

Mmahlapa Mkandawire, CEO LaVida Africa

Regina's Favorite Speaking Topics

1. Shift your Mind, Shift your Career

Success Mindset for Women in Business

Want to achieve your next career goal? Great! – Here’s the thing: We can only achieve what we believe we can achieve. This means great success requires a solid success mindset, which is rooted in knowing and owning your value, a strong self-image, and the confidence to show up as the best version of your leader self. In this session, we’ll go over what you need to know so you can gain positive visibility, be recognized for your unique brilliance, and position yourself for the role you want while reducing your stress.

This will allow you to be at the steering wheel of your career, raise your perceived value, and become stronger and more of an important player in your organization.

2. Distinctly You: Show your brilliance, own your value, rise up in business

This talk will inspire you to uncover your distinctive uniqueness, take full charge of your authentic talent and personality gems and step into a self-empowering mindset so you can own your value, have a fulfilling career, and rise to new heights in business. When you believe in your limitless genius, you can shine your brilliance out to the world and get compensated for it. Your bright light will draw the right people and opportunities to you, and success becomes fun. Ideal for conferences.

3. Show Up with Power and Authenticity to Drive Your Success

By the end of this talk, you will walk away inspired and empowered to gain visibility with your authentic brilliance and a compelling business presence, and with actionable ideas and tools to move up in your career. You will step into your leadership potential so you can get the promotion you want.

4. Stop Blending In, Start Standing Out

In this session, we will play with ways to dig up your “golden assets” – qualities that allow you to stand out and distinguish yourself as an expert or a leader.

5. Uniquely You: The truth about identity, difference, and transformation

This session focuses on honoring difference (including diverse perspectives), looking beyond categories and towards humans, cross-cultural communication, and building trust-based organizational environments. It received raving feedback at 2018 Diversity Leadership Alliance Conference, where it was presented in 3 break-out sessions.

6. Humanizing the Workplace Through Inclusive Leadership

Culture is the magic glue that brings sustainable success. Break down barriers, throw out boxes, and build the trust that’s required to bring out the best in diverse teams while positively impacting organizational culture, driving engagement, and accelerating innovation. Understand the dynamics of bias, fear, and trust as elements that can make or break your team's success. Walk away with actionable and effective tools to foster an inclusive mindset, bond your team together and create a trust-based environment where all can thrive and contribute their most valuable strengths and most creative ideas.

7. Transformational Leadership: Empowering self, building trust, inspiring others

Leading starts with self. Deep self-awareness and mastery of self-empowerment allow us to increase not only our influence and impact but also our success and fulfillment. This enables us to better understand others and create relationships built on trust, as we raise our emotional intelligence, enhance our leadership presence, and come across as more authentic, while also powerfully displaying our unique brilliance. This session provides insights into effective self-leadership and personal transformation. It equips you with tools to fully own your value and build trust – not only with your team but also with the decision-makers in your organization; or, if you’re a business owner, with potential clients as well as business partners. This can open up opportunities for you to rise to your highest leadership potential and benefit from many fruitful collaborations. Because leaders who transform themselves can transform the world.

8. Patronizing vs. Advocating: Learning to balance support and co-creation

This session explores how to avoid patronizing behavior and instead advocate more powerfully. We will discuss ways to embrace differences, “humanize” the workplace, and adopt more conscious attitudes and language.

9. The 6 Signature Traits of Inclusive Leaders Taken to the Next Level

In this session, we will dissect the “6 Cs,” the Signature Traits of Inclusive Leaders (according to a Deloitte report) and explore what they could look at when they are truly lived.

10. Curiosity, Courage and Compassion - Three Underrated Leader Qualities

In this session, we will explore three underrated qualities of ethical, inclusive and transformational leaders: Curiosity, Courage and Compassion, and how they can impact teams and organizational cultures.

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Regina Huber is a multi-cultural thought leader. With her signature framework Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™, she inspires audiences with interactive talks and sessions at conferences, summits, and business events.

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