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Recent Engagements

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“Regina’s presentation on how to command an audience with power and presence goes beyond the usual presentation skills and body language tips we’re often taught. She went right to the beliefs we each have that prevent us from being as fully dynamic and confident as we can be, whether we’re presenting to a group of one or many. With her exercises and techniques to identify and release our limiting beliefs, it became evident that clearing our blocks is a vital first step towards a powerful, energetic performance. We witnessed it in each other, and felt it in ourselves. I recommend Regina as a speaker...”

-Pauline Kehm, President American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

“You never disappoint me! Thank you for always being a great thought leader and leading by example! I have a high regard for you💙.”

-Zaneta Brown Ingles

"You are doing a really beautiful job for us. The work that you are doing for so many of us is extremely valuable and has assisted me to face new challenges daily without fear. I really appreciate you and having you in my life because we meet in person during a traumatic time when I had severe emotional and physical injuries. Each day I am grateful today and thankful about you. Keep up the excellent work. You are a true hero, and your book gives me true counseling and support and has made such a huge difference for me."

-Thuto Setlogelo, Gender Focal Officer and former Chief Risk Officer

"Regina Huber was a fantastic addition to the MassMutual NJ-NYC Real Perspectives Workshop! Her presentation was empowering, motivational, and "transformational." Furthermore, from a word-of-mouth marketing and PR perspective, Regina is top notch and her professionalism is one-of-a-kind! I am grateful to have met her through WIFS and happy to see our working relationship flourish! If you aren't connected already to Regina, get connected now!”

-Desiree Kinney, Relationship Director & Recruiter for MassMutual

"Regina recently gifted the NYC Chapter of WIFS with an inspiring interactive talk on how to go “From Freaking out to Freaking Amazing” in public speaking, meetings, and other challenging situations. The women loved her interactive presentation. She offered a fresh perspective on how to prepare mentally, physically and energetically for speaking and sales conversations. She engaged the entire group with a compelling set of exercises, and her powerful tools and tips were received with great enthusiasm. I wholeheartedly recommend Regina as a speaker for your next event!"

-Gregg Linsky, President WIFS NYC Metro Chapter

"The day after Regina did a special session with me, which was my first session with her, it was with great ease that I called an old colleague whom I’d not been in touch with in 4 months. We had worked together over 20 years ago, both of us Senior VP’s at a global firm. He was new to executive search then and I had been showing him the ropes. In the intervening years, he has been extremely successful. For the past 2 years we’ve been making noises about doing something together, but nothing was happening. When I called him a few days ago, he enthusiastically embraced the idea that we would collaborate – create a strategic alliance and do some joint marketing to develop new business. He even volunteered to write a recommendation on LinkedIn – that’s an actual recommendation, not one of those silly “endorsements.” So just like that, we have a verbal agreement to team up. This is huge for me because it is so much easier to sell services this way than as a solo consultant. We respect each other, share the same values and like each other. I am excited about getting to work on this!"

-Andrea Jupina, Founder of Jupina & Company Executive Search, Author of Recruiter’s Research Blue Book – A How-To Guide

"Regina helped me re-discover my feminine strength and power again. After overworking myself to the point of getting very physically sick, and losing my creative voice and confidence, I found myself in a place of weakness with no motivation for any of my life aspirations that I had been so passionately working towards for many years. Regina holistically guided me with powerful written and verbal exercises that helped me pull myself back into mental and physical balance."

-Alanna Mahon

“I had the pleasure of hearing Regina present this past Fall and I was really impressed by how dynamic and knowledgeable she was!”

-Petia Bradshaw, Branding/Marketing Strategist

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of [our company] for your time and efforts to provide our members with an amazing Lunch & Learn even on August 10th. It was a pleasure to work with you on this event over the last several weeks. I really appreciated your responsiveness, positive energy and the generosity of your time. We have received very positive feedback from the event participants. Your event helped to advance important diversity and inclusion initiatives at [company].”

-Gretchen French, Moody’s NYC

"I am delighted to write this recommendation for Regina Huber. I met her recently. She was moderator and speaker at a panel discussion I attended at the D&D Building. The topic was "Become The Designer of Your Abundance". This seminar changed my life. She is an amazing person. Her message is totally inspirational. I highly recommend that you call her is you want to take your life to the next level."

-Lorna Leibowitz, VP, Fine Homes Specialist, Douglas Elliman

“Regina recently spoke at our annual Security Traders Association of New York conference hosted at the New York Stock Exchange. Regina immediately connected with the audience we received great feedback! Thank you Regina!!”

-Brian Cashin, Board of Directors/President Security Traders Association of New York (STANY)

“This Powerful Woman really lit up the room at the Female Wave of Change Global Conference. Her energy and highly infectious confidence got all of our attention and drew us out of our seats and complacency. Thank you so much Regina, it was an honour being in Headlineyour presence.”

-Mmahlapa Mkandawire, CEO LaVida Africa

“Thank you Regina for coming to our company! I cannot begin to tell you how in just one hour your words and advice were truly transformational and inspiring for me! I wish I had learned and understood these perspectives 20 years ago! Your book has been amazing as well! I needed to read it with a notebook close by as you ask a lot of insightful questions and ask that your readers think about a lot of things. It was great! Thank you again!"

-Phaedra Garibaldi, Director The Bank of New York Mellon

“During 2018 Wall Street Exchange Closing Reception, Regina Huber delivered a dynamic, engaging, and graceful keynote on “Show up with Power & Authenticity to Drive Your Success”. Regina’s message was clear, succinct, and vivid with real-life examples and case studies. The audience was inspired and moved to act on improving their visibility at workplace. Thank you so much for a great keynote, Regina! Attendees said this is one of the best events this entire summer!"

-Chen Rao, Vice President - Global Markets ALM Treasury at BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking

“I have seen Regina speak on several occasions, and have found her to be a dynamic and fascinating speaker. Interior Design Society, New York has featured her as a moderator/facilitator for a panel discussion, as well. Her deft handling of the various egos involved with our panel was on point and masterfully delivered. She is a true professional. I highly recommend her!”

-Principal Julie Schuster Design Studio, President NYC Interior Design Society

“Watching Regina Huber take command on stage is a beautiful thing. She leads, teaches and moderates with poise and confidence. Her love of dance is her unique way of how she inspires her audiences to engage in the conversation of confidence and leadership.”

-Alyssa Polcek-Peek, NYC Photographer for Women over 40, Virtual Presence Coach

“As the owner Meet on Chrystie, an upscale event space in NYC, I recently had the pleasure of listening to parts of Regina’s talk in front of a group of 30 EAs at our venue. She was by far the best speaker of the series hosted by this particular client to date. She did a great job engaging her audience, and although it was a late-evening event, everyone stayed until the end, which was exceptional."

-Sara Schiller, Owner of MEET

"Thank you for your incredible presentation! I attended the session today and it was so inspiring, revealing and enlightening. A fantastic hour well spent."

-Participants in virtual session for Northern Trust, June 2023

Regina Huber, delivered an absolutely stellar presentation at the STANY Women in Finance event during the STANY Conference on April 15th. Her insights were not only uplifting but incredibly valuable, leaving attendees feeling inspired and empowered. Regina's presentation offered practical strategies and actionable advice for professional growth and success. Her ability to captivate the audience was exceptional, as she seamlessly combined expertise with charisma, keeping everyone engaged from start to finish. Regina's presentation was a highlight of the event, earning praise for its insightful content, engaging delivery, and empowering message.

A fantastic hour well spent."

-Kimberly Unger

What audience members say:

Regina's Favourite Speaking Topics

1. Be Boldly Brilliant & Rise up in Your Career

Discover practical strategies to uncover your Distinctive Uniqueness , play full out with your authentic genius so you can showcase your value, have a fulfilling career, and rise to new professional heights. Learn how to embody your brilliance and shine it outward, attracting the right people and opportunities effortlessly. With your authentic light shining bright, positioning yourself for the role you desire becomes a seamless process, and success becomes inevitable. In this session, you'll gain valuable insights into why you may not be getting the recognition you deserve in your career.

You will walk away with actionable tips to enhance your visibility and stand out in your field for all the right reasons.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Why you are not noticed enough in your career

  • How to uncover your “unique assets” and make them work for you

  • What it means to know, own, and show your value

  • What you can do to enhance your “positive visibility.”

This talk is an excellent choice for conferences, offering a blend of inspiration and practical advice that can be implemented immediately

2. Show up with Power and Authenticity to Drive Your Success

Join us for an engaging, transformative session designed to elevate your professional trajectory. By the end of this talk, you will not only feel inspired, but equipped with invaluable insights and tools to enhance your visibility and amplify your authentic brilliance in your business environment.

Throughout the session, we will dive into the core elements of cultivating a compelling business presence that helps you be recognized with all your magnificent competence. Additionally, we will unpack the importance of cultivating a self-empowering mindset and heartset, essential components for establishing a truly impactful presence in any professional setting.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain practical strategies to step confidently into leadership roles, positioning yourself for the promotion and recognition you deserve.

  • Learn how to authentically connect with colleagues and stakeholders, fostering meaningful relationships that drive success and fulfillment.

  • Discover strategies to amplify your authentic brilliance and establish a compelling business presence, propelling you towards faster career advancement.

Prepare to explore new possibilities, paving the way for more fulfilling success in your career.

3. Bring Your Authentic Self to Enhance Your Presence & Visibility

In this virtual session, you will uncover your unique brilliance so you can fully own and show it throughout your career, while bringing your most powerful authentic self to work. We will cover some of the many facets of a compelling business presence and how you can enhance yours, so you are seen and heard in meetings and can present confidently.

This will help you increase your visibility in your organization as well as distinguish and position yourself for the project, role, or promotion you want, while feeling that your dedication is recognized and valued.

More details here.

Hire Regina as an inspirational speaker for your next event!

Regina Huber is a multi-cultural thought leader. With her proprietary leadership frameworks Powerful Leadership Transformation (PLT)™, New-Paradigm Leadership (NPL)™ and The T.H.R.I.V.I.N.G. Leader Formula™, she inspires audiences with interactive talks and sessions at conferences, summits, and corporate events.

I have led Roundtables with topics like:

  • Cut Turnover Costs: Keys to Nurturing Your Existing Talent,

  • Successful Leadership Initiatives Through Buy-In at All Levels

  • How to Maximize Role Models and Talent Champions to Drive The Advancement of Diverse Teams

  • Data Dashboards & Success Metrics: What to Measure, What to Share, How to Tell the Story

  • Targeted Sponsorship Programs for High-Performing Talent

Regina Inspires Brilliance

Regina's Favourite Topics

  • Distinctly You: Show Your Brilliance, Own Your Value, Rise up in Business

  • Stop Blending in, Start Standing out: Know, Own, and Show Your Unique Value

  • Show up with Power and Authenticity to Drive Your Success

  • Empower Self, Building Trust, Inspiring Others

  • Transform Your Team with New-Paradigm Leadership (NPL)

  • New Business Consciousness for Bold, Value Driven Leaders

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