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Developing Bold, Value-Driven Leaders of Self & Others

I Work with Team Leaders Who...

  • Want to increase their visibility and meeting presence but struggle with speaking up enough

  • Feel invisible and ignored at work as their contributions are not being acknowledged

  • Feel stuck in their position and don’t know how to rise up to their next level of success

  • Know they deserve a raise but don’t know how to obtain it

  • Know they are competent but are hesitant to apply for promotions due to self-doubt or external barriers

  • Are striving to upgrade their business presence so they can be in full command of their careers

  • Want to demonstrate their leadership potential so they are considered for leadership roles

  • Want to increase their influence and through it, have a bigger impact

  • Are committed to creating more success and wealth for their teams, their organizations, and themselves

Check out my coaching program "Step into Your Leadership Brilliance & Reach Your Next Career Goal"

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Does your leadership strategy truly lead to more engaged teams?

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Are your employees inspired and engaged in creating excellent results?.

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Is your organization among the best companies to work at? If not, why not?

Let’s Talk About Truly Inclusive Leadership

  • Know that better leaders make better teams and therefore are ready to invest in leadership coaching.

  • Are ready to nurture their existing talent and reduce their turnover costs.

  • Are committed to making cocreation a priority and willing to collaborate in an innovative approach.

  • Want to increase team efficiency and optimize their organizational culture with the goal to improve their bottom line.

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What Clients Say:

"I am a professional for the USDA and in an online program with Regina that has included a couple phone calls. This program is to assist me with changing my habits that have been holding me back. I have been in a really low spot for quite a while, feeling trapped at my job and where I live. Regina has helped me change my life. She understands me. She has the perfect balance of empathy and drive to push me through my excuses and playing the victim for my choices in life. I can message Regina while the event or situation is fresh in my mind and emotions are still raw and she responds in a timely manner so I can work through it before I get into an old habit of burying the emotions. I’m not sure I can describe or put a price on how valuable her support has been. She has taught me to empower and trust myself and her support without judgement has taught me to like the person I see in the mirror."

-Stacy Prassas

"Regina has a unique ability to quickly and efficiently understand your challenges and she works through them with incredible enthusiasm and passion. I have greatly enjoyed working with Regina and would recommend her in a heart beat."

-Magdalena Jacubicz, Director EMEA & APJC Brand Protection Team at Cisco

"Working with Regina was the best investment I have made in myself. She is the personal trainer I needed for my career. Regina provided me with tools to focus myself purposefully and to pursue my passion within the structure of my organization. Regina was always available in between sessions to provide guidance and she made me become more accountable to myself to achieve my goals. I am more vocal now and I am confidently putting my vision into action."

-Toni Ann Sheridan, Financial Services Quality, Internal Controls Manager at BNY Mellon at Pershing

"Regina has helped me understand my value and potential beyond my current role. She has been instrumental in setting me up for success in my next role and continues to be a trusted advisor. I have already referred her to a fellow executive at my company, as well as to the executive coaching team."

-M. K., Executive, Silicon Valley

"Regina has been a very helpful mentor and coach the past few months. Working with her has given me the tools needed to increase confidence in the decisions that I make as a business owner and a team leader. I even got compliments from my team telling me that they see a good change in my leadership. I highly recommend Regina's services to anyone who needs a confidence boost to take their business to the next level."

-Natasha Mohan, CEO of Work Social

"I just completed a program with Regina. She provided me with insights, tools and most importantly for me, accountability, to achieve my goals. It was an invaluable program that I highly recommend to anyone looking to find clarity in achieving their most important goals in their career. Five stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐."

-Katy Healy, Senior Vice President at Northern Trust Wealth Management

"In less than an hour, Regina transformed my thinking, and not only set a fire in me to want to speak out, but made me confident that I could do it."

-Mariam Garuba, Forensic Psychiatrist

"I came to Regina after a major change in my career. She provided me with tools to re-establish my voice and to help rebuilding my confidence. She got to know me as an individual and worked with a tool set that would resonate with my personality. After working together over a matter of months, I have let go of the past and feel confident in my path forward."

-Client in Financial Services, Chicago

"If you want to march into any salary negotiation discussion with confidence and grace, with the singular focus of obtaining compensation that matches the value you provide, you can't find a more passionate advocate than Regina Huber! Value is more than a dollar amount, and Regina will help you uncover what makes you intangibly you. Contact her today!

-Nina Jagannathan, Vice President, Principal, Wealth Management at Northern Trust

"I have worked with Regina over the years as a career coach. She provides practical tools that can be utilized real-time. Through work with Regina, I was able to find my voice professionally and to grow in my leadership role."

-Heather Letts, Senior Vice President at Northern Trust

“I was very impressed with her approach to coaching. She is extremely patient, accessible and willing to work with individual schedules. Her coaching helped me put things in perspective, gave me the tools and confidence to think beyond the regular job about opportunities for growth and development. I strongly recommend Regina to anyone looking to find more of themselves.”

-Harshad Rajawat Mehta VP Commercial Real Estate Finance, Moody’s, U.S.

“My life has transformed. I’m now able to communicate clearly in meetings and stand my ground. My EQ has increased. The morning and evening routines you gave me put me on a wonderful journey, I now feel like “This girl is on fire” every morning. I never had this much fun at work! My energy is back, and I’ve increased my focus. I gained clarity on my vision, and I completely rewrote it. I also had a complete change of mindset. I love the person that I’m becoming: My attitude is different, I’m more intentional. People ask why I’m so happy now and they are surprised how I can hold high energy all day long. I started doing things I never thought I’d do. Thank you!”

-Gaone Makoko Organizational Development Specialist, Lucara, Botswana

“I’m grateful that I have met you; you are one of the highlights of the past decade!Thanks for equipping me with tools that have not only kept me engaged as a leader but have also allowed me to keep my team engaged at all times.”

-Kgosietsile Mmoloke Change Manager at Tétris, South Africa

“Regina Huber is an extraordinary Multicultural Coach […]. I have had the pleasure of experiencing Regina’s work as a thought leader, workshop facilitator and executive coach firsthand at our […] events. Over the years we receive nothing less than rave reviews on her multi-disciplinary approach to coaching and the unique tools and tips she provides her clients. If you are looking for an inspiring coach and/or presenter […], Regina Huber would be a true asset and comes with my heartfelt recommendation!”

-Dr. Sheila Robinson Founder, Publisher & CEO/ Diversity Woman Media, U.S.

“Regina’s multi-disciplinary approach to coaching is as unique as it is effective. Her genuine interest in my professional growth was infectious. I foresee regularly using her tools and tips throughout my career.”

-Akua Awua-Asamoah Director of Business Development at Barclaycard U.S.

“When I came into this program, I thought we’d not be able to go anywhere with just 6 sessions. But I feel completely different already after 4 sessions, like I’m transformed, and in a recent meeting, I surprised myself having a conversation I’d never had in this way before we started working together.”

-Michelle Romo, Head Marketing & Comms North LAC at Mastercard, Leading Women 2022, Mexico.

“Regina is awesome!” […] I had just stepped into a new role, where I was suddenly responsible for helping drive the technical direction of my team, instilling best practices, and for representing them externally and internally. I was terrified. […] Regina and I set goals for what we wanted to accomplish together and what I ultimately wanted my life to look like in the future. My short-term goals were realized faster than I had imagined. I got a raise within 2 months and leveled up shortly after. This was a big investment, in myself and my career, but Regina has been worth it: I know that every time I sign up with her, I’ll make that money back, and more."

-Renisha Nellums QA Automation Engineer, Head of Research and Development at Indeed, U.S.

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